Lawn Care and Mowing Checklist for Your Yard

Lawn Care and Mowing Checklist for Your Yard
Lawn Care and Mowing Checklist for Your Yard

Lawn Care and Mowing Checklist for Your Yard

If you want to walk barefoot across green grass in the spring, you must take care of it in the autumn. Fall lawn care does not have to be difficult, yet it might mean the difference between a lush green lawn and a patchy brown one in the spring. This checklist of essential autumn lawn care measures will assist ensure that you start to spring with a lush, healthy lawn the following year.

Keep Mowing the Lawn

Do not put the mower away just yet. Another crucial component in your lawn care is maintaining your grass regularly manicured. The grass may not grow as vigorously as it did in the spring and summer, but it has not yet reached complete hibernation. It is still expanding. 

Maintaining a suitable mowing height is critical to keeping your grass healthy, ready for winter, and insulated. If you let the grass grow too long, it will create mats, making it subject to various fungal issues such as snow mould.

Do Not Leave The Leaves.

Those who live in a four-season climate look forward to the splendour of early fall foliage and seeing the leaves transform from green to autumn hues of gold, bronze, crimson, and purple. On the other hand, look forward to the cleaning. When those eye-catching leaves begin to fall from the trees, you do not want them to fall to the ground and blanket your yard. Layers of leaves covering your lawn restrict sunshine and retain moisture, resulting in exposed patches of dead grass. 


Aerating your lawn every couple of years is helpful to your grass. When there is too much thatch on your lawn, oxygen, nutrients, and water cannot reach the roots, resulting in unhealthy grass. You can solve this by using a core aerator, which punches holes in the thatch and removes soil blockages, allowing nutrients, water, and oxygen to reach the roots. 

Fertilizing in fall

Take a stroll down the fertilizer aisle at your local garden shop, and you will discover a variety of items for winterizing your turfgrass. Apply after you have finished mowing for the final time. Those who live in frost-free regions and will now regularly throughout the winter should still apply the product in late autumn. 

Even though your lawn does not seem to be growing, nutrients flow down to the root system, where they are stored, and assist the grass to green up early in the spring when it begins to grow again. After applying fertilizer, always soak it into the grass.

Fall is also an excellent time to amend the soil based on a soil test. Adding organic matter to soil at this time of year allows it to make its way into the soil and provide you with a lovely lawn in the spring. Check with your local extension department to see if they do soil testing. Many do, for a little fee.

Weed Control

Weeds are a royal annoyance, particularly when they attempt to infiltrate your luscious grass. Although most people consider weeds to be weeds, the lifecycle of annuals or perennials determines when treatment is most effective. Annuals complete their life cycle in a single year, but perennials may develop for years, springing back to life each year from the same root system.

 When addressing perennial weeds like morning glory or dandelions, it is essential to wait until after the first light frost in the autumn. When this occurs, the weed directs all of its energy downward into the root system, making it simpler for the herbicide to soak into the roots and kill them. 

Maintain Your Fall Lawn Care Routine

It is crucial to take out these operations at the proper time to maintain your lawn in top condition and prepare it for winter, so it performs at its best-come spring. Furthermore, fertilizing the grass too late in the season prevents the root system from absorbing nutrients. If you overseed too late in the season, the grass seedlings will be too young and vulnerable to survive the winter.

If you discover that any of the activities, such as aerating and overseeding, are more than you want or can do on your own, you may always hire a lawn service to take up the slack. This removes the need to go out and hire equipment to do these duties, and the lawn care will be knowledgeable in these areas. Remember that taking adequate care of your grass in the autumn ensures you will have a green, healthy yard in the spring.