Lawn Mowing in Adelaide

Lawn Mowing in Adelaide

What You Will Get From Our Lawn Care Services

We will keep your lawn looking neat, trim, and well looked after with the following services:

Lawn Mowing: Your grass is continuously growing, so lawn-mowing is a service that we recommend you schedule regularly. The rate at which grass grows depends on the time of year, so you can book a monthly, weekly, or bi-weekly service to keep your lawn looking great.
Edge and Border Trimming: We will keep the edges and borders of your lawn looking sharp and neat. We can shape the borders and boundaries to blend in with or compliment your other garden features, including installing decorative borders.
Aerate Your Lawn: To improve the air and water flow into your lawn, we can perform aeration. You should have this service done in the Spring or early Autumn months and combine it with top-dressing and feeding your lawn.
Patch Repair: We can repair patches and boost growth in your lawn by overseeding. You can overseed to repair existing patches or do it proactively to prevent them from developing in the first place.
Top-Dressing: Top-dressing usually happens on completion of overseeding or aeration, and it will help a damaged lawn recover quicker. Top-dressing is the application of a topsoil and sand mixture onto your lawn.
Lawn Fertilising: Putting the correct fertiliser onto your lawn will depend on the grass type, amount of sunlight your lawn gets, and the time of year. We will make sure your lawn receives the right fertiliser at the right time.

Lawn Mowing Adelaide

our experienced staff and reputation guarantee only the best lawn service. We do everything you need about your lawns!

Cheap Mowing

Our professional lawn mowing team has extensive experience to do your job in an affordable price.

Bond Back Guarantee

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed so once we’ve completed a lawn mowing job, we’ll use your feedback to improve our lawn care service.

Four Reasons to Use Our Professional Lawn Care and Maintenance Service


  1. Regular and effective lawn care and maintenance take time and effort. Take that time to enjoy your garden with friends and family; let us take care of looking after the lawn.
  2. Regular grass trimming is quick, easy, and relatively inexpensive. Letting your lawn get out of control can lead to overgrowth that is expensive and time-consuming to clear. Regularly trimming your lawn will save you money.
  3. Keeping your lawn neat, tidy, and organised all year round will improve your whole living environment. It helps keep the air clean and pure and also keeps your mind calm and relaxed.
  4. Maintaining your lawn in a good state will benefit the whole neighbourhood, improving the general atmosphere, and leading others to follow.

Lawn Care Adelaide


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