Lawn Mowing Adelaide

Lawn Mowing Adelaide


Our lawn mowing service includes a number of different services which can be tailored to suit the requirements of your lawn.

LAWN MOWING : A freshly cut lawn can add such a lovely element to your home outdoor area. We understand the importance of regular maintenance and we can recommend an appropriate lawn mowing schedule which takes into account the current season, rainfall, and the size and type of lawn that you have.

LAWN EDGE BORDER TRIMMING: When a lawn overgrows onto the pavement or into the cracks in your pavers and decking, this can be incredibly frustrating. We have the skills and equipment to ensure your lawn edges are kept tidy and within the required bounds.

LAWN FERTILISATION: We assess your lawn type, the season, and time of the year before selecting a fertiliser. It’s these details which will tell us factors such as sunlight and how it will react to the appropriate fertilisation method we choose to use.

LAWN AERATING: To get the most from the watering you give your lawn, we recommend having your lawn aerated in Spring or early Autumn. When we provide this service, we recommend a top-dress and a rejuvenating fertilisation, to keep your lawn happy and healthy.

LAWN PATCH REPAIR: If you have a patch of lawn that simply won’t come back to look like the rest of your lawn, we can seed over this section and rapidly increase growth in this area. This process can also be done as a form of preventative maintenance.

LAWN TOP-DRESSING: We will top-dress your lawn after aeration, over-seeding or patch repair. It’s the process of applying an additional mixture of topsoil and sand so your damaged lawn can recover as quickly as possible.

Lawn Mowing Adelaide
Professional Lawn Care Service

From trimming the borders and edges of your lawn to patch repair and lawn fertilizing, we look after it all. With a team of expert staff, we try to handle things very carefully, resulting in the best lawn mowing services across Australia.

Cheap Mowing
Affordable Mowing Price

Whether your lawn is big or small, we aim to provide lawn mowing services to you at quite affordable prices.

Bond Back Guarantee
Complete Customer Satisfaction

From getting to know your requirements to deliver professional service by the expert gardeners, we ensure complete customer satisfaction. Once the lawn care and maintenance service is delivered, we will get your feedback so we can improve our customer service, hence ensuring 100 per cent satisfaction guarantee.

Four Reasons to Hire Our Lawn Mowing Service and Maintenance Professionals

  1. Proper lawn mowing service and maintenance takes time and effort. Allowing us to take care of this for you means you can enjoy more time with friends and family while we take care of the lawn.
  2. Allowing your lawn to become out of control can result in overgrowth that is both costly and time consuming to remove. Trimming your grass on a regular basis will save you money.
  3. Maintaining a beautiful, tidy, and organised lawn throughout the year will improve the look and feel of your home. It also keeps the air clean and clear so you can enjoy your home in comfort.
  4. Maintaining a tidy lawn will help the entire neighbourhood by improving the overall feel and character, which will inspire others to do the same.
Lawn Mowing Adelaide


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Lawn Mowing FAQs
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