The Ultimate Guide : Lawn Mowing Service

The Ultimate Guide : Lawn Mowing Service
The Ultimate Guide : Lawn Mowing Service

The Ultimate Guide : Lawn Mowing Service

The most important element of a great-looking lawn is the mowing. Mowing your lawn not only gives it that manicured look but also provides useful benefits to your lawn.


Mowing is a crucial part of lawn care. It’s the most basic maintenance service you can get, and it’s an essential step in ensuring that your grass stays healthy and looking its best. When done correctly, our mowing services will help your lawn look vibrant and inviting.

Every time we mow your lawn, we’ll:

  • Mow the height you specify (1/2 inch to 3 inches).
  • Mow the width you specify (3 feet to 13 feet).
  • Mow at the frequency specified by you (weekly or bi-weekly).

With every pass of our mower over your grasses, they’ll be left looking lush and well-cared for – just like they should!


Edging is a process where the lawn is cut along the edge of the property. This creates a visual border between your grass and sidewalk, driveway or patio. Edging makes your entire yard look tidy and well-maintained, as opposed to just having a patchy, uneven lawn. We also edger around any landscaping features like fences or trees when necessary.

Edging should be done every time you mow your lawn to give it definition and make it easier to maintain in between cuts. A professional mower will use an edger attachment on their mower deck instead of pushing up against these hard surfaces with the blade of their machine—this saves wear on both equipment and landscaping features!


Trimming is a great way to maintain a healthy lawn. It keeps your lawn looking tidy and balanced, with evenly-spaced blades of grass. The trimming process also helps keep the grass healthy by preventing it from growing too long or in the wrong direction, keeping the grass from becoming too thick or bumpy, and keeping it from crowding out other plants growing nearby.


So give yourself some time back and enjoy the party instead of having to mow the lawn. We’re here to help!