Tree Surgery

Tree Surgery



Why Would You Call a Like Mowing Tree Surgeon?

Tree Pruning: You may let more natural light into your yard by pruning your tree and reducing its size. Pruning also benefits the health of your tree by strengthening the branches and promoting new development.
Tree Felling: If a sick or dead tree has become a hazard, it may be necessary to down it.
Crown shaping: If your tree’s crown has become overgrown and interwoven, we may shape it into a more uniform and pleasing shape.
Tree Removal: There are a multitude of reasons why you might need to cut down a tree, and it must be done safely and correctly. Our expert tree surgeons will start at the top and work their way down, diminishing the size of the tree until they can safely cut the trunk. After that, the residual stump will be crushed down.
Emergency Tree Services: After a storm, dead or damaged branches, or even entire trees, can be dangerous. By removing the harmful parts and disposing of the deadwood, we can make these trees safe.
Stump grinding: If you’ve had a tree cut down in the past and the stump is still there, we can grind it down to ground level for you.
Tree Removal
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It doesn’t end there, though! We also provide complete lawn care services at Like Mowing. Most houses, big or small, have at least some grass in the front or back yard (sometimes both). Let us take proper care of your lawn. We have the knowledge and experience. By booking another service like gutter cleaning or a mow, we can offer you a multi service discount!

The Like Mowing Difference

We only employ gardeners who are trained, insured, and experienced. All of our gardening equipment is up to date and will always produce a high-quality result. All our gardening services are available on a monthly and weekly basis, no matter the type of garden you have. We can perform a simple regular garden maintenance service or you may wish to bundle services to save time and money. Book with us in a matter of minutes with our simple online booking form, or call us now!

We’re Only Happy if You Are

Like Mowing is quickly becoming Australia’s favourite garden care specialist. It’s our attention to detail, our keen ear and our eagerness to please which sets us apart. When you book one of our services, we take the time to make sure we know exactly what you want and expect. That’s why we are the Garden Care company Australia really likes.

Tree Surgery FAQs

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Tree Surgery