Weed Control / Bush Trimming

Weed Control / Bush Trimming
Weed Control and Hedge/Bush Trimming

Weed Control and Hedge Trimming


Garden hedges and shrubs that are allowed to grow out of control quickly detract from the appearance of your home and garden. Sometimes maintenance can simply feel like too much. It takes time, knowledge, and pricey gardening tools. Like Mowing’s pro gardeners are always ready to tackle any hedge trimming and weeding services you need!

We can take care of all your hedges, making sure they’re not damaged in the process. Any bushes, regardless of their type or size, will be shaped beautifully by utilising professional hedge trimmers, extensions, and other specialist shaping tools.

Gardens overgrown with weeds are not only unattractive, but they may also damage the growth of other plants and cause structural damage to paving, decking, and exterior walls if left to grow wild for too long. This is why it’s important to keep all weeds under control. Removing them is a part of this procedure, as is maintaining a regular weed management plan. We only use the most up-to-date and effective weed control methods. We can discuss the options and can help you decide which strategy is ideal for you and your garden.

Obligation Free and Informative

You can arrange a one-time hedge trimming service or have it done on a regular basis using our services. You let us know the service you require, and we will make sure it happens. You can also take advantage of our skilled gardeners knowledge on home garden maintenance by asking them for advice while they are working on your project.

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When Only the Best Will Do

We only use high-end equipment that is included in the fee. No matter how bad your hedges are, we bring all the necessary gear and know-how. We aim to give our customers only the best experience. Our gardeners are professionally trained, completely insured, and experienced. This is why countless Australians are thrilled with the results they get from Like Mowing.

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Affordable and Easy

We strive to deliver the very best services at the most affordable pricing. No matter if you need regular garden maintenance or need to cut overgrown shrubs or hedges, we will always do our best to make your life easy!

Hedge Trimming and Weeding FAQs

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Our customer focused approach ensures that you will be left happy time and time again.