What clients can expect in May regarding mowing

What clients can expect in May regarding mowing
What clients can expect in May regarding mowing

What clients can expect in May regarding mowing

Please accept our sincere thanks for choosing Likemowing. Services will only be provided to clients who have signed or recorded their authorization.
Our locally owned business is excited to be entering its new month, and we want to let you know what you can expect this month, as well as providing updates on our additional services that can benefit your home or business.
 Our commitment to you and our employees is to provide a seamless, contactless experience. We continually train our employees on new covid safety protocols.

Our services include:

APPLICATION OF SPRING FERTILIZER: Spring fertilizer applications are well underway.  Our crews are still on track despite the recent snow that we received. In order to ensure that customers are served promptly, our crew is working long hours.
Dandelions have yet to emerge on lawns, so weeds are not yet germinating.  It is typically dandelions that germinate first in the spring.  Many ‘other’ lawn weeds cannot survive in the cool soil temperatures.  In Ontario, weed-killing products can only be registered once weeds have emerged.  Weeds cannot be prevented from germinating with licensed control products.
We plan to apply the first Fiesta applications around the second week of May (weather permitting).  A second Fiesta weed control will be done in the late spring to target late germinating and controllable weeds.
During this time, lawns can be sown and aerated to gain maximum benefit. Core aeration is the single most effective way to create a thick, healthy lawn.  Any thin or damaged areas may also require seeding.  Upgrade your core aeration to include seed, or ask about our three-in-one seeding and feeding service to thicken your lawn and revitalize it.
A Slit Seeding service may be recommended if the lawn needs more work.  Seeds can be ‘slit’ or deposited directly into the soil in this manner, allowing them to establish contact with the soil.

Using sprinklers?

We are performing spring start-ups and repairs as part of our Irrigation Production Team.  For an estimate, call Ottawa’s largest, most experienced inground sprinkler company if you do not have an irrigation system and are tired of dragging hoses around every week. Saving time and effort, increasing the value of your home, and conserving water are all advantages of these systems!    Get started today!  Last summer’s drought and heat caused a rush of appointments.  You can contact Martina and her team at any time by calling 613-317-2332 or visiting SprinklerSolutions.com.

Check out TickControl-2.

Protect yourself, your family, and pets from tick-borne diseases this May. Tick control applications have started and will be completed throughout the month of May.   Our technicians will concentrate their treatments on the areas where ticks live, feed, and hide.  Check out our ebook resources to learn more about ticks.

The Mosquito Markham

Once the foliage has emerged on the trees/bushes we will begin our mosquito control services (weather permitting) mid-late May. Our second application will occur approximately 14 days later, to ensure an effective barrier once more foliage emerges. More information is available at Likemowing.com.au or you can call 1300 847 679.
You can usually get a quote over the phone.  Get in touch today to get started.  We have a Mowing expert,  at info@likemowing.com.au You can also keep you garden clean with Us.