Why having a lawn is more relevant than ever?

Why having a lawn is more relevant than ever?
Why having a lawn is more relevant than ever?

Why having a lawn is more relevant than ever?

Tip of the Weed Man for Healthy Turf

This year, ‘staycations’ have taken on a whole new meaning! During this season, we want you to make the most of your time at home and on your lawn mowing. With Like Mowing, you can create the perfect outdoor environment!
Among us at Like Mowing Adelaide, we believe lawn care is a partnership. This is why we are so dedicated to working closely with our customers to ensure a healthy, green lawn. If the homeowner follows good cultural practices when we are not present, we will handle lawn fertilization, weed control, and integrated pest management, but if you don’t, we will do it for you. Taking the time to properly water and mow your lawn will ensure better, quicker and longer-lasting results, so you and your family will have the perfect staycation destination for your family to enjoy!
The following is a list of some of the most frequently asked questions about cultural lawn care practices.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mowing:

What is the recommended frequency for mowing my lawn?

We recommend only mowing your lawn mowing when it needs it, depending on the time of year and the growing conditions. During the height of growing season, such as spring and fall, you may be required to mow your turf every 3-4 days. There is the possibility of mowing your lawn every other week or every week during the summer. No matter what time of year it is, you should always mow your lawn regularly.

How short can I cut my lawn when I am mowing it?

When you allow your grass to grow too long then you have to scalp it, this is very unhealthy and will only cause damage to your grass. In order to achieve the best results, you should never remove more than 1/3 of the blade at a time.

What is the recommended frequency of sharpening my mower blade?

To create a clean, crisp cut in your grass, you should keep your mower blades sharp. Dull mower blades will cause your grass blades to chew and fray, which will result in yellow grass tips, moisture loss and a weakened lawn. It is recommended that you sharpen the blades of your mower 2-3 times a season at Like Mowing Adelaide.

Frequently Asked Questions about Water:

What is the amount of water that my lawn needs?

If you want a lawn that is healthy and green, you will need two inches of water per week. Monitoring rainfall levels will assist you in knowing when and how much to water. It is ideal to water deeply and infrequently, as this encourages deeper root growth.
For example, watering your lawn twice a week for an hour is better than watering every day for 15 minutes. As temperatures rise during the peak of summer, more watering may be required.

Is it best to water my lawn in the morning or the evening?

You will achieve the best results by watering early in the day. The afternoon is a great time to water, as temperatures are at their peak and more water will evaporate before the soil can absorb it. Evening or nighttime watering is also discouraged, since allowing your lawn to stay wet for an extended period can lead to turf disease and fungus problems. Whenever you see your lawn mowing looking yellow or dry, water it immediately regardless of the time of day!